🧑‍🚀The Odyssey 2.0

What is the Odyssey 2.0?

The Odyssey 2.0 is an initiative aimed at enhancing participation within the Arbitrum Ecosystem, targeting both, new and existing users, providing an opportunity for them to explore innovative DeFi products and features within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The Background

The Odyssey 2.0 builds upon the spiritual legacy of the original Arbitrum Odyssey, a successful event hosted by Offchain Labs and Galxe in 2022, which saw widespread engagement and valuable learning experiences, unfortunately came to an early end. Now, we seek to pick up this spirit of exploration, engagement and growth.

Highlighting innovative protocols and unique features on Arbitrum serves the greater purpose to increase the understanding of DeFi products by participating users, while also offering protocols to showcase their products and find a new audience, userbase and ambassadors among the Odyssey 2.0 participants.

High Level Overview

Planned over a span of 12 weeks, each week of the Odyssey 2.0 will spotlight an unique and innovative protocol within the Arbitrum ecosystem. As participants, users will undertake specific tasks provided by the featured protocol, gaining valuable insights into its functionalities and offerings and get introduced into the communities of these protocols.

In return for their engagement, backed by verifiable data, users will earn verifiable and non-transferable proofs of participation bound to their on-chain addresses.

As the Odyssey 2.0 reaches its conclusion, each participating protocol will provide rewards in forms of tokens or other assets. These rewards will be distributed to participants who have demonstrated high levels of activity throughout the Odyssey 2.0


The Odyssey 2.0 is organized solely by the participating protocols without any leadership or involvement by the Arbitrum Foundation and DAO. The Odyssey 2.0 welcomes contributions in any form by the Arbitrum Foundation and DAO, as related entities see fit.

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