💰Rewards & Distribution

The rewards are sponsored entirely by the participating protocols and will be distributed after the conclusion of the Odyssey 2.0 in late October.

Reward Pool Size

Each participating protocol will determine their share of the reward contribution. The total pool size may also be influenced depending on the adoption of Odyssey 2.0 and the inclusion of additional contributors or sponsoring partners during the campaign.

Reward Distribution

Rewards will be distributed equally among all eligible addresses, with each eligible participant receiving the same amount. A smart contract will be set up towards the end of Odyssey 2.0, from which eligible participants can claim their rewards.

Reward Eligibility

Participants must hold at least 90% of the quest badges to qualify for rewards. More details on how quest badges work can be found in Quests.

Claim Timeline

The reward claim process will begin in late October, and participants must claim their rewards within six months. Unclaimed funds will be returned to the contributing protocols after the six months period.

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