🤝Our Partnership with Tide

A Leap into Web3 Marketing

Tide is an innovative Web3 marketing protocol with a clear vision - to emerge as the go-to platform for acquiring and retaining users in the decentralized world. By providing tools that allow advanced off-chain and on-chain Web3 actions, Tide equips decentralized applications with what they need to grow user bases and measure the impact of their initiatives.

Why We Chose Tide

Our choice of Tide as our Web3 marketing partner was influenced by several factors:

Simplicity and Flexibility

Launching a campaign with Tide is as straight forward, providing us with a fast and intuitive platform to work on.

Sophisticated On-Chain Actions

Tide enables us to encourage users to engage in tailor-made on-chain quests, allowing us to implement complex and customized progress tracking.

Customized Audiences:

Audiences act as a fundamental component in quest creation. These audiences help implementing Sybil protection and preventing multi-account exploits.

Dependable Support:

Tide offers us a reliable support network, always being accessible for any queries or concerns.

In a similar way to how GLXE partnered with Offchain Labs, we've partnered with Tide for the technical aspects of Odyssey 2.0. They provide a powerful platform that helps us create customized quests, and allows users to verify they've completed them.

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