The Odyssey 2.0 features two categories of quests: Open Ended Quests and Time-limited Quests.

Quest TypeDescription

Open Ended

These quests remain available until the conclusion of Odyssey 2.0. This accessibility ensures that participants who join Odyssey at a later stage can still significantly contribute and rapidly catch up. Open Ended Quests mainly include the weekly tasks each protocol chooses to highlight.


These quests are bound by deadlines and cannot be completed once they expire. They typically encompass tasks with limited availability due to smart contract time restrictions.


These quests typically featuere time-limited bonus quests, such as lotteries.

Quest Rewards

Upon completing a quest, users earn a soulbound NFT, referred to as a "Badge". The accumulation of these badges is key, as the total number a user collects determines their eligibility for the reward distribution at the end of Odyssey 2.0. To be eligible, a user must possess at least 90% of the available reward badges.

Reward Badges

Badges obtained from Open Ended Quests contribute to the overall total needed to qualify for the Odyssey 2.0 reward distribution in October. Meanwhile, badges earned from Time-limited Quests do not contribute to the overall total but do increase the user's badge count. Incentive Quests do not add to the collected badge count.


Suppose there have been a total of 14 Open Ended Quests, 2 Time-Limited Quests and 1 Incentive Quest. With a required badge ratio of 90%, a user needs to have collected at least 13 badges (14 * 90%).

If a user completes all quests, they will hold 16 badges. However, if a user misses 2 of the Open Ended Quests but completes one of the Time-limited Quests, they will have a total of 13 badges. The Incentive Quest the user might have finished meanwhile does not contribute to his badge-count at all. Any user falling below the 90% mark will not be eligible for reward distribution.

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