The spiritual origins of Odyssey 2.0 are rooted in the legendary Arbitrum Odyssey of 2022. Spearheaded by Offchain Labs in collaboration with Galxe, and the esteemed artists Ratwell and Sogiu, this novel event dominated conversations about DeFi for weeks.

A powerful legacy left behind

The original Odyssey was designed to stimulate exploration and engagement within the Arbitrum Ecosystem. As users navigated through distinct protocols and accomplished specific tasks, they were rewarded with exclusive NFTs.

However, the Odyssey's success exceeded all expectations. The Arbitrum Mainnet, still in its early stages, was experiencing a massive influx of new users, drawn to the excitement and promise of exploring the wide-ranging DeFi products within the ecosystem. This unprecedented rise in activity posed a significant challenge to the Arbitrum network, leading to the decision to put the Odyssey on hold.

An Unexpected Pause

In its first week, the Arbitrum Odyssey was already a resounding success. However, the massive network activity and the resulting higher than normal gas fees led to the decision to pause the event until the release of Arbitrum Nitro. But what was suspected to become a momentarily pause transformed into an indefinite period of anticipation for the Odyssey's return.

The Legacy of the Odyssey

Despite its premature end, the original Arbitrum Odyssey left a powerful legacy. It demonstrated the power of community engagement and exploration in driving the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem. As we look forward to the launch of Odyssey 2.0, we are inspired by the original Odyssey's spirit of exploration, learning, and growth - principles that build the core of the Odyssey 2.0.

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