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General Questions

After completing a quest, what's my next step?

Upon finishing a quest, Tide will prompt you to mint a soulbound NFT badge specific to that quest. It's crucial to mint this badge to ensure your position in the final rewards distribution. Other than that, just immerse yourself in the Odyssey 2.0 community and enjoy the experience with fellow participants.

How many badges do I need to collect to be eligbile for the airdrop?
Is the Arbitrum Foundation involved in the Odyssey 2.0?

No, the Odyssey 2.0 is spearheaded by the Participating Protocols. While we're not officially linked with the Arbitrum Foundation or DAO, we're always open to collaborating and would welcome any involvement they might wish to have in the Odyssey 2.0 initiative.

What rewards can active Odyssey 2.0 participants expect?

Rewards will come from a pool primarily composed of native protocol tokens, along with other possible assets funded by the Participating Protocols. The definitive amount of this reward pool will be disclosed closer to the end of Odyssey 2.0.

For a deeper understanding, check out the Rewards & Distribution section.

Can I revoke Tide's access to my Twitter and Discord?

Certainly! Once you've finished a quest, you have the option to revoke Tide's permissions to access specific features of your Twitter and Discord accounts. However, we suggest waiting to do so until after Odyssey 2.0 concludes.

I'm not part of an eligible audience! Can I still participate in the quest?

Tide curates audiences to align with the quest design, primarily to prevent airdrop farming and sybil attacks. This approach ensures a fair experience for all in the Odyssey 2.0. Unfortunately, if your wallet doesn't meet the audience criteria, we're unable to make exceptions.

For more information, refer to: Sibyl Protection

I'm having trouble completing a quest. What should I do?

We can offer basic troubleshooting support within the Odyssey 2.0 community for issues related to the Tide Platform. However, for more detailed assistance, we recommend reaching out directly to Tide's support team on their Discord server.

I missed a few quests? Can I still get an airdrop?

Absolutely! If you've missed a few quests, you can still join the Odyssey 2.0 and be eligible for the airdrop. Simply head over to Quickstart to catch up with the rest of the participants!

Some quests have already ended. Can I still qualify for the airdrop?

Certainly! If you've missed out on certain time-limited quests, focus on completing all the open-ended quests. By doing so, you can still earn enough badges to qualify for the airdrop.

For more information on our quest design, visit Quests.

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